2300 Doctors

Whenever members have questions or they are simply not feeling well, they can effortlessly connect to the 24×7 telehealth hotline via phone, video and email for the diagnosis and treatment of illness, second opinions and consultations. There are board-certified, licensed physicians in every state waiting to provide exceptional care. They can even prescribe medication and save a trip to the doctor’s office, whether members are at home or on the road.

Customized Wellness Blueprint

Your initial on boarding process includes a comprehensive lifestyle and medical questionnaire, allowing the adaptive platform to create an initial plan of action that is right for each enrolled member. It takes into account their current health conditions, short and long term goals and key body measurements such as their weight, height, blood pressure, resting heart rate and cholesterol levels to create a personalized blueprint for better health.

More Money in Your Pocket

Compare the cost of this service to a typical copay or even worse the cost of a visit to a doctor or urgent care center. If you have a high deductible policy or HSA, using our service could save you hundreds each year. If you need prescriptions, you can access the convenient comparison shopping engine and unlock savings of up to 70% on prescriptions at the pharmacies they already use.

HealthiestYou Benefits and Rates