Combined Billing

No longer will you need to process multiple applications and send them to various locations. Just imagine, you hire a new employee and they are now eligible for benefits. You hand them a comprehensive benefit package provided by us and request that they call our office with any questions. After the employee completes the consolidated enrollment form that includes all lines of group coverage and the Cafeteria plan and 401(k) election forms, you send this information to our local office. We then provide the information to all of the insurance carriers, set up their Cafeteria and 401(k) accounts and send the required COBRA dependent notification to their home. They will be listed on the very next months consolidated bill.

No Longer will you need to spend countless hours talking to doctor”s offices and insurance carriers, verifying coverage. An employee calls in and says that they are attempting to receive care somewhere. You give them the phone number for us. We then verify coverage for the employee, contact the provider and give them the confirmation that they need regarding coverage, and then help the employee with any bills associated with the claim.

Your insurance bill auditing process now only requires that you review one statement each month rather than one for each carrier. You receive your monthly bill for your employee benefits. All of your coverages are incorporated on this bill and broken down by individual employees. The bill is already formatted and departmentalized to represent the different profit/cost centers in your company.

You will no longer be required fill out the appropriate forms, contact each carrier, fill out the change section of each insurance carrier”s bill and handle the COBRA billing. An employee leaves the company. You fill out the employee termination form and fax it to our office. We immediately begin the process of notifying the individual carriers and the COBRA process is initiated. A letter is sent to their home notifying them of their rights under COBRA. If they do elect COBRA, the enrollment and payments are processed by our office and sent directly to the carriers.